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Through the eye of the lens I have lived a dream… My home this week, a tent on the beach along Ningaloo Reef, where I sleep beneath the stars and within the heavens to the sound of ocean waves harmonizing with wind billowing against canvas. The sound of natures lullaby lures me in to the deepest sleep and most vivid dreams that the locals insist are inspired by aboriginal spirits… In the morning I wake most effortlessly to the slightest hint of dawn feeling nearly weightless, then bathe in warm salt water that flows over sand that squishes between my toes… I walk along the beach as the sole person in this pristine paradise. My single set of footprints in the sand Immediately washes away behind me by water that dutifully erases the only sign of my existence to return the beach to how it wishes to be seen. Sand, thick and powdery, every step ankle deep, somehow feels like how you would imagine it would feel to walk on the moon if you could do so in bare feet… In the day I dive with grey nurse sharks, white tip reef sharks, a nine foot long six hundred plus pound grouper the local divers endearingly refer to as "BFG", along with a remarkable array of sea life that swim along beside me and all seem to accept me as one of their own in their perfect world… The people I meet along the way share their experiences with me with a soft smile in their gaze, as if inviting me into their memories, which makes me feel as if somehow we will be bonded for life through mutual experience even though we only shared a brief time together… At night I stare wondrously into the sky and it's millions of tiny lights that make me feel as if I am standing inside of a freshly shaken snow globe and floating amongst them. On a moonless night, Venus hangs brightly just above the horizon and just on the edge of a band of the Milky Way claiming it's status as the brightest celestial body that night without any competition from the moon. Transfixed on the depth of the sky I gaze up with my neck bent up in the opposite direction of technology and try to remind myself to occasionally blink. Looking to the heavens in awe on such a night, in such a place, makes me feel infinitesimally small yet endlessly filled with wonder and makes me marvel at my existence as such a small entity in such an infinite space that I can only aspire to dream to the end of and not even come close… As my eyes grow heavy from a full day I grasp to hold this place in time I wish I could spend forever, yet the only reason I can find to concede to turning the page is because I am certain there is a continuation of this story waiting ahead on the next page, in another time, in another place.